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Drums have for long been perceived to be among the most important aspect of electronic music. In fact, many individuals can correctly establish the production date of any song by the mere sound of drums.

This is because drums have a unique way of communicating with the listeners.

The Drum History

In the ancient years dating the 1970s and 80s, the music industry experienced an influx of drum machines courtesy of Roland.

One very fundamental sound that remains easy to make is the bass or kick drum.

However, he was faced by a setback when two of them became outdated after lasting only a few years. This was blamed on the onset of the digital sampling era. For this reason, they were purchased at throw away prices and later disappeared into the books of history.

Today, the vintage 909s and 808s seem to be making a comeback but there is a drawback. Users need to spend a whole lot to own them. There is a cheaper option though. Individuals who use Eurorack are capable of developing sounds similar to the original composition. Again, this does not require prior expertise or even qualification. With the Eurorack, users are able to create unique sounds which can make way for new musical routes.

One very fundamental sound that remains easy to make is the bass or kick drum. The very first kick analogue circuit began with a sinusoidal sound. In simpler terms, it contained restricted harmonic content. It is important to understand that every basic sine wave should consist of a single harmonic and should cover the analogue circuitry wear and tear.

Understanding Snappy Envelopes

Many envelopes execute the kick purpose procedure excellently. While Moogs Pittsburgh, and Roland have snappy envelopes, the Tiptop Audio Z4000 envelopes remain among the most snappiest. It comes in handy in percussion sounds due to the absolute control on the front end. Even then, users should strive to ensure it is adequately flexible.

Identifying Modules

In order to create the best sound from a drum, it is important to analyze the already existing modules. See some of the tips on choosing synthesizers. Many times they have the same vintage unit circuitry. In this case, the best option would be the Tiptop Audio which comes with sufficient drum modules. These come complete with the appropriate design to enable musicians create a 909/808 design sounds.

Individuals also have the advantage of getting more regulation of the control voltage. In addition, they are reasonably priced and produce captivating sounds.

Using Testosterone To Evaluate Tones

Feedback is likely to be relayed here in the form of a sine wave.

Start by identifying an oscillator which has a sine wave or triangle capability to evaluate an 808 style kick. Some users opt for the self oscillating filter. When using a self oscillating filter, one is required to revolve upwards the resonance control available on the filter. Proceed to revolve the cut off frequency control. At this point, the filter output should be directed to the Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA). Feedback is likely to be relayed here in the form of a sine wave. Remember to keep low volume levels to prevent destruction which the sine waves may cause.

Users will have the opportunity to utilize the cut off control frequency to change the pitch as well as listen to the tone of the sine. The fact that they are able to establish a kick sound through tone tuning is an added advantage. In the past, executing that move on 808 was impossible. The next step is to try and break the VCA volume followed by directing the ADSR envelope towards the VCA’s gate.

Finally, it is important to understand that different music genres require varying settings. For instance if one specializes in hip hop, then they will need to have a longer decay tail, while those who specialize in electronica will have to make do with a shorter one. Remember, modular gives users different options of executing things. Again, one does not need to have prior experience to begin.

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