Moog To Reissue Modular Synthesizer Worth $35,000

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Why does the Moog Synthesizer IIIp cost more than a new Chrysler 300?

It enabled the Beatles as well as platinum pop princess, Donna Summer to create stellar hits during their respective peaks.

Dr. Robert Moog invented the first synthesizer to eliminate the need of having numerous electronic sound generators during recording sessions. Prior to Moog’s innovation, record labels spent a lot on sound engineers in order to provide maintenance to these sound devices.

Moog Music announced in February 2018 that it will only produce 40 Modular Synthesizers IIIp.

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What Features Does The Moog Synthesizer IIIp Have?

37 Hand-Soldered Modules

37 Hand-Soldered Modules

Dr. Robert Moog consulted a team of ten seasoned music technicians in order to design the Moog Synthesizer IIIp prototype. Despite their meager financing, Dr. Moog and his team hand-stuffed and soldered 37 modules. This feature enabled music producers to create new sounds by manipulating sound waves.

To ensure maximum durability, Moog Music mounted the modules in a hardwood cabinet. This set of modules consists of ten 901 series oscillators.  An oscillator produces unique waveforms that enable a synthesizer to produce sound. If you want to create a tune that invokes a laidback feel, you’ll use the oscillator to produce a mild tone.

The Moog Synthesizer IIIp has a 4-input mixer and a 902 series Voltage Controlled Amplifiers. Each module appears neatly on its own space.

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Moog Synthesizer IIIp

Rare Components

This reincarnated limited edition synthesizer comes with the original designs and materials recommended by Dr. Robert Moog. One reason why the Moog Synthesizer IIIp is pricy is that most circuit components reached the end of their product lives decades ago.  Moog Music had to convince former manufacturers to produce all hardware components used in the 60s.

Each buyer receives a discreetly designed Moog Synthesizer IIIp that matches its 60s hardware specifications. This means that each circuit board undergoes testing prior to advancing to the final assembling process. If someone accidentally spills a soda on your Moog Synthesizer, you’ll probably have to purchase a new one because no spare parts are available.

Dr. Robert Moog

CP3 Mixers

Dr. Robert Moog liked the CP3 mixers manufactured in his era because they produced an auto-leveling effect. It simplifies audio mixing for sound technicians because auto leveling ensures all output channels are audible. Sometimes it’s difficult to capture sound when a recording session entails numerous musical instruments. Hence, a CP3 mixer enables music producers to capture the best vocals and live instrumentation.

The CP3 mixer helped music producers in the 60s and70s achieve desired sound panning for stereo listening. This led to the popularity of the 3D sound effect in pop music.  Nowadays, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producers love using the 3D sound effect to amplify a track’s climax.

Is The Moog Synthesizer IIIp Best Suited For Specific Music Genres?

Pink Floyd

No.  In fact, the Moog Synthesizer IIIp broke genre barriers and enabled music producers to create new sounds through sampling. Disco pop genre became widely popular in the late 60s and 70s because the Moog Synthesizer IIIp enabled music producers to synthesize jazz guitars into unheard psychedelic electronic sounds.

During the 70s, punk rock band such as Pink Floyd and The Doors experimented with the Moog IIIp synthesizer in numerous recording sessions.  In 2013, the international electronic music group Daft Punk spent over a million dollars to record an entire album using equipment and techniques used in the Moog-dominated 70s.

Rap music has millions of fans worldwide and credits its success to the Moog Synthesizer IIIp. In 2004 Cypress Hill, a multiplatinum California-based hip-hop group sampled Pink Floyd’s Money, released in 1973. Their track also had a similar title to the sample.

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