20 Commonly Used Synthesizers

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Synthesizers have come of age. And with their popularity growing rapidly, many individuals are finding it difficult to identify the best that suits their needs.

Below is a list of 20 of the best available synths and where to purchase them.

Oberheim OB-Xa

The Oberheim OB-Xa was a response to the OB-X, having been released in 1980 only one year after the latter was released. It features curtis integrated circuits which make the interior less cluttered. Interested buyers can purchase it from RL Music

Roland JD-800.

Roland JD 800 is a digital synthesizer. It comes with numerous sliders and knobs. Users can use them in performance control and patch editing. Interested buyers can purchase this instrument from Ebay

Yamaha CS-80

Yamaha CS-80 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer which can execute an ancient sound memory settings and 8 truce voice polyphony. Individuals seeking to purchase this instrument can get a modification of the same at Ebay

Korg Wavestation

The Korg Wavestation was released in the 1990s and a software version of the same would later be released in 2004. It features Wave Sequencing,which allows the successful execution of pulse code modulation date. Get this instrument from ebay

Yamaha DX7

This instrument is an FM synthesis digital synthesizer which comes complete with an electronic keyboard. It is compatible with MIDI which basically means that it can be linked with other MIDI compatible computers or instruments. Find it at Amazon

ARP 2600

This instrument is an audio semi modular subtractive analog synthesizer. ARP 2600 can be operated with or in the absence of patch cords. Purchase this instrument from Ebay

PPG Wave 2.2

Interested buyers can purchase it from Reverb

The Prophet-5

This instrument is an analogue synthesizer that comes with 5 polyphony voices complete with a patch memory. Find this instrument at Ebay

Moog Minimoog.

It is a monophonic analog synthesizer designed by Bob Moog and Bill Hemsath in the 1970s. Moog would later redesign it in the year 2002. Interested buyers can purchase this instrument from Amazon. Read about the Moog CEO.

ARP Odyssey

The ARP comes with a manually modulated pulse width. Find it at Ebay

Korg MS-20

This instrument is an analog semi modular patchable monophonic synthesizer. Find it at Amazon. Interested parties many have to hurry up as only limited pieces are left.

Roland TB-303

This instrument is a monophonic bass synthesizer that comes with an inbuilt sequencer. Order it from ebay

Roland SH-101

The Roland SH 101 is a monophonic analog synthesizer which comes with 3 concurrent waveforms and one oscillator. Buy it from ebay

Korg Minilogue 4 Voice Analog Synthesizer

The Korg Minilogue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer which is entirely programmable. Purchase it from Amazon.

ARP 2600

ARP 2600 is an audio analog semi modular subtractive synthesizer. Find it from ebay

Korg Triton

The Korg Triton is a workstation music synthesizer. It focuses on sequencing and sampling. It can be purchased from Amazon.

Roland D-50

Roland D-50 is a 61 key polyphonic synthesizer. It comes with a joystick to enable data manipulation, on-board effects, and linear arithmetic synthesis. Purchase it from ebay

Roland Juno 60 Keyboard Synthesizer

Roland Juno 60 is a polyphonic instrument that lacks the MIDI control option. Find it from ebay

Analog Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Drum Machine And Synth

This instrument comes with 6 analogue voices complete with 2 analog and 2 digital oscillator. Purchase it from ebay

Arp 2600 Modular Synthesizer With 3620 Black And Orange Keyboard

Finally, Individuals interested in buying this instrument can purchase it from ebay.

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