Today, the world is experiencing a comeback of the modular synthesizer, a musical instrument whose popularity began in the ancient days. While music production has come of age, many people especially the young generation have for years now embrace digital music production instruments. This is changing rapidly as music producers rush to incorporate analog modular synthesizers in their studios. Probably many may be wondering why this is the case. Many are now realizing the dynamic properties of the analog synths.

Their ability to produce unique sounds and reproduce already existing sounds is absolutely amazing. Additionally, the analog synthesizer is the only instrument that has shown effectiveness when it comes to imitating sounds produced by ancient and traditional musical instruments such as the piano, drums, and horns. Having realized that, Cyndustries strives to avail every detail no matter how minute about analog synthesizers in the portal. Every existing and aspiring musicians will gain a lot of knowledge from this portal.

Cyndustries is a web portal whose objective is to ensure that beginners can access as much information about modular synthesizers as possible.

Our Belief

Cyndustries live by the mantra that anything that individuals regardless of age set to do is achievable. We are living in a world where individuals even as young as 3 years are showing an interest in music. And not only that, there are many young talented music stars in the industry. They too can use this portal to increase their knowledge as well as identify the best modular synths for their preferred sounds.

Cyndustries believes in helping individuals attain their objectives. The company through this portal will do so by opening communication channels where people can channel their questions and concerns. Apart from helping them grow, it will enhance the portal’s service delivery and improve customer experience.

Our Vision

Cyndustries understands that music is a powerful aspect of every day life. It has the ability to inspire, motivate, and even encourage people during difficult moments. Good quality sound can uplift any person’s broken soul. That is why it envisions a world where everybody will be capable of creating their preferred tunes, have easy access to analog modular synthesizers and be able to operate them accordingly and with ease.

Cyndustries is a music fanatic where music creation is the heart of the game. Through extensive research, experimenting, and studying previous work from established analog modular synth manufacturers and experts, the portal envisions a bright future ahead.

The Future

With the world experiencing more musical talents by the day, the need to create top of the range unique sound is on an all time high. While many music producers yet to discover the dynamism of the analog modular synthesizer, time has come for young individuals to be proactive, study, carry out research and incorporate the synth in their musical endeavors.

The return of the analog synthesizer is clear indication that the instrument is here to stay.

The sooner a wide range of musicians, artists, and producers realize this, the better the chances of creating unique sounds which will decorate people’s lives and linger in their memores for many days to come.