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The 70s are now so 90s. The 80s is the in thing now.

“Don’t you forget about me! The formerly irredeemable 80’s return”

80’s Ideas With FamilySwapXXX

FamilySwapXXX - Family Swapping

Family swapping has been extremely popular back in the 80’s but got forgotten along the way. Now it’s making a huge come back thanks tothe newest series of FamilySwapXXX. When it comes to executing funny ideas you can count on Nubiles, authors behind the project. It’s 4 families who mix between themselves in order to have some fun and build up a new family. So, do you think it is as easy as it sounds. Well, the answer is it’s not 80’s anymore!

New York Times Says It Too

These actually are three different headlines which made their appearance in three different trend pieces of the New York Times and were written for three different times over the last two decades. The very first one was one in which Michiko Kakutani made an argument that nostalgia for the 1980s had completely infiltrated the American culture. It was published in April 2001. The second one took note of the revival of the initial MTV decade, which particularly shook the music industry and was published just one year later in 2002. And the third confirmation that 80s were well living and kicking, most notably in the fashion world is the piece appeared in the Times recently.

It Is So Evident

We do not note all of this to suggest that the trend pieces of New York Times like history have a habit of often repeating themselves, but rather to underline the truth which is very much evident to anyone who watches TV, movies or listens to music. The self-evident fact is that the 80s have not and seems they will not ever go away. Our fixation on the 80s culture, featuring the decade of Duran Duran has now officially been sticking with us for longer than the decade itself.

Syth-Pop Makes A Come Back

The likeliness for the era featuring syth-pop first made an appearance mechanically, rich on the usual schedule for nostalgia for America: close to 20 years after the 80s had ended. Just like the fascination for the 1950s had swept through the 1970s, the obsession of people with the 60s appeared during the 1980s. The same happened with the presence of the 70s in the pop culture that was witnessed in the 90s. Similarly, the 80s wave began rebuilding in the 2000s, just in time.

Synthesizers Are Back Too

With all things from the 80s, making a comeback, so have the synthesizers arrived on the scene too. Synthesizers have been with us for many years. As of today, synthesizers have gone on to become a very integral part of every modern music production studio. It is, hence, very critical for all music production individuals to manifest a lucid and better comprehension of how a synthesizer works.

What Difference Can Synthesizers Make?

While synthesizers may look like small ordinary electronic pianos, they actually allow for an order of magnitude of sound creation and manipulation options. With these instruments at their disposal, music producers have the unique opportunity for revolutionizing both recordings and productions. In addition to this, they will have the opportunity to personify the musical equipment of their choice while introducing customization in sounds. The synthesizer is plausibly the only musical instrument that allows the musician to comprehend how different musical units actually function.

Options To Buy

Korg’s littleBits synthesizer kit is the one to go for if you are really fascinated by all the switches and knobs and want to learn more about them. The offering consists of a box that contains small modules, covering all the components of a basic synthesizer, namely the sequencer, envelope, oscillators, filter, keyboard, mixer, delay, and speaker.

Some people just yearn for a synthesizer that can make a lot of weird, loud noises, and there is nothing to be ashamed about in that. If that is you, the perfect thing for you is Arturia’s MicroBrute.

You can also find a world of options on online superstores like Amazon. So, go ahead and relive the 80s again with the amazing sounds of synthesizers.

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