Knowing More About The Semi-Modular Synthesizers

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 A semi modular synthesizer is a series of modules from individual manufacturers which transforms a cohesive unit into a gadget. In this case, there is no way of swapping modules and in many cases the configuration comes already wired. Even then, it comes with a manual to help the user in linking modules according to various orders.

The difference between a semi modular and a modular synthesizer is the fact that modular synthesizers consist of a frame or case where arbitrary modules are stored.

In addition, patch works are used to link modules together.

Often, a system is likely to incorporate differently sourced modules provided that it utilizes similar electrical specifications and is compatible with the case form factors. Read about technical specifications of modular synthesizers.

Semi modular synthesizers come in varying systems which include: 

Patch Override Systems

A semi modular synthesizer consists of various modules connected together to form a typical configuration. However, users can opt to re wire them differently using patch cords. They include:

  • Anyware Instruments Semtex
  • ARP 2600
  • Roland system 100
  • Cwejman S1
  • Eventfall minimodular

Matrix Systems

Matrix systems utilize cross point switches or pin matrixes as opposed to patch cords. They include:

  • ETI international 4600
  • EMS synthi 100
  • ARP 2500 which is often used as a matrix switch
  • Maplin 5600
  • EMS VCS-3

Electronically Reconfigurable Systems

Systems which can be reconfigured enable the routing of particular signals via modules following varying orders. They include:

  • Moog voyager
  • Rhodes chroma
  • Oberheim matrix

Considerations To Make

Choosing pre configured synthesizers enables the user to develop a personalized instrument in contrast to the patchable modular option that does not support it. There is just so much one can do with the former which range from analyzing new configurations and signal paths, choosing preferred synth building blocks, and incorporating more envelopes and LFOs.

Many users may be lost at where to begin. However, it all depends on preferences. Whether one opts to put their creative side into use, or begin from a safe point, it is important to understand both the long and short term objectives involved in developing and utilizing a personalized system.

The Semi Modular Approach

Opting for a semi modular approach eases the conversion to modular. It also makes it understandable. While the beginning process is cost efficient, its consistency depends on the chosen beginning method. While users may be tempted to opt for the easy method, they should be aware that it may come with specific limitations which can increase the cost of maintenance.

Semi modular synthesizers come with a sequence of modules which means that the development of new sounds takes place behind an independent panel. They come in pre patched mode, and this provides a rapid sound production through a short learning curve. The transformation to semi modular is made possible by the fact that they incorporate patch points at the integrated front panel. This enables users to direct inward signals to outward modules, supersede the inward wiring, and direct outward signals towards the inside.

However, sometimes vital patch points may be missing which limits the user’s desire to execute certain ideas. Some experts have noted that users are likely to suffer self righteousness from depending on the already installed signal routes. Much as users may be tempted to take the easier way, it is important to be innovative and try to devise new methods of creating sounds.

Lastly, beginning from scratch may be perceived to be difficult. However, looking at it from a different point of view, it presents users with numerous choices to opt for. Again they expose the users and enable to gain experience while enjoying the captivating values it offers.

Perhaps the best idea of beginning is to have a two in one semi modular gadget. This means that it is capable of operating as a standalone such as Moogs music’s mother-32 and Arturia microbrute.

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