Electro-Music 2007
June 1-3 Philadelphia, PA

electro-music 2007(TM), a three day international conference/music festival to be held at the Cheltenham Art Center in Philadelphia, June 1 - 3, 2007. The program will include lectures, demos, jam sessions, and concerts.

The scope of this festival is very broad, covering all aspects of electro-music, experimental electronic music, including circuit bending, computer music, electro-jazz, modular synthesis, musique concrete, improvisation, noodles (generative music, automatic and algorithmic composition), multi-media, visual art and much more. The focus will be on participant involvement, sharing, community development, audience education, and great music.

Electronic Music MidWest
October 20-22 2005 - Kansas City, Missouri

Live Electronic Music at the Sacred Elixirs Conference
October 22 & 23 - San Jose, California

"Mind-bending music in surround sound from the modular synthesizers of Lynner & Webster"

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
Annual each Summer, San Francisco, California

Different Skies Space Music Festival
September 17 2005 - Arcosanti, Arizona
A "music of the future" ensemble of synthesists journey into the desert.

High Zero Festival
September 22 2005 - Baltimore, Maryland


Pacific Southwest DIY Synthesizer Meet '04 - pics [ here ]

October 11-18, 2005- La Gomera, Spain RICOCHET GATHERING:

A unique yearly event held in exotic places for the purpose of having electronic music fans and musicians create and enjoy live electronic music!

Please email Vic Rek if you are interested in attending the next event.

2006 "War and Peace " Aleatoric Composition Contest!
2005 "Singing Robots" Aleatoric Composition Contest!
2004 Aleatoric "Bug Music"Contest Entries

"Exchanges" - (19 Meg mp3)
by Lynner & Webster (available soon on neatnoise and thiaMedia)

Doug Lynner and Cynthia Webster create Spirited Electronic Soundscapes combining Serge, Modcan, and Cyndustries analog modular synthesizers, with haunting flute and soaring electric guitar solos.

Common clock and analog fluctuating signals were passed back and forth between machines to keep them like, on the same "wavelength".

The fruits of a three-day combination barbeque and recording session!

"Musings on Hoovers" by Cynthia

This is done in one evening entirely on a Modcan & Cynthia Modular Synthesizer system with vacuum cleaner accompaniment. Three sound layers were combined and edited on a Mac using FeltTip's Sound Studio software and is comprised of recording two live synthesizer takes onto mini-disc, each using very large patches with complete patch tear-downs between takes.

ThiamediaSome 26 oscillators of various types were all tuned into one massive harmonic chord structure, and then groups of these were isolated into several separate voices with their own filters, crossfaders, and effects, (18 of these oscillator drones were supplied by three Super Psycho Modules)

The first take was of the overall harmonic structure ringing in and out of harmony as all of the voices come in and out in numerous combinations.

The second patch features the double-tracked, "Hendrix like" knob solo on Synthacon filter, (sound a bit like like Fripp playing an electric guitar) along with some voices that were designed specifically to contrast with the sound of the original take.

Lastly a layer was added of a craftsman Shop Vac recorded in my kitchen with a PZM mic positioned on top of the stove.

 "Glance" by Steve Martin

Gear : Small Modcan/Cynthia Modular with 2 Wiard Joysticks

Additional info : Glance was recorded in one pass (20 mins) then edited to the required length. No keyboards or sequencers were used, and the only filter used was a Cynthia Low Pass Gates module.

Sound Files with the Synthacon filter by Michael White
1. Melody (MP3)
2. Sad Melody (MP3)
3. Sad One (MP3)
4. Synthacon Improv (MP3)

"adanaC beta" by Rikard Latvala (6.1 Meg mp3)

"All the independent tracks where made by Bruce Duncan of Modcan. They are actually not meant to be tracked together like this, since these are actually the short demos found on the Modcan Website."

"I was only in the mood to do a track out of his demos .. I downloaded all the demos from his home page and started processing them individually. In the end I had a lot of tracks that I put together to make up the song you heard .. I did a lot of timestreching on all tracks to get them to go together .. The song even features Bruce´s voice, tho it is very much processed and can not directly be heard (It is in the end of the song). Maybe you can hear it if you speed up the song =)."

"COSMIC SPACES - MILKY WAY" by Ricardo Roman featuring the Cynthia Gated Comparator (1.4 Meg MPGA). Patch sheet for this composition available HERE.

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Listen to "Alien Air Music" and "Headspace" on KXLU.COM - 88.9 FM
Check station website and especially HERE for air times!

EAMM Acoustic Frontiers on CKCU-FM, Ottawa, Canada will air the "SCREAM" series of Electro Acoustic Music

EMUSIC is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, hosted by Bill Fox that airs each Thursday 11:00 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA and
93.9 FM in Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ.

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Warehouse Theatre - Washington DC
The Chama Teahouse- New York
A wondrous place including their Saturday Open Loop series, and much more.
Run by artist Steve Jones
The Icehouse - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
The Red Room - Baltimore, MD
Roulette - New York, New York
Armory Center for the Arts - Pasadena, California

Beyond Baroque - Los Angeles, California

Ground Kontrol - Portland, Oregon
Il Corral - Los Angeles, California
The Smell - Los Angeles, California

Infinite Complexity .org

NewTown Art Consortium - Southern California
SEAMUS - The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music
(Did you know that November is Electro-Acoustic Music Month)?

Los Angeles Sound Calendar

Lots of Interesting performance info at the Hertz-Lion site



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