Based on the original Korg PS-3100 filter design this version has been greatly improved and modernized by Paul Schreiber and Jurgen Haible.

It is a sophisticated module that contains three voltage controlled bandpass filters as well as a pair of voltage controlled sine wave LFOs.

(Some may recognize the twin LFO control section as being very similar to that of the classic Mutron Bi-Phase).

Also known as the MOTM 410, here are some paraphrased excerpts about it from Paul:

This can be used as a "fixed" filter bank: just set the DEPTH to zero. Because narrow filters are used, vocal formants can be created using the independent center frequency controls.

The on-board LFO structure contains two "detuned" voltage-controlled LFOs (one LFO runs 20% slower than the other one, and they have true sine wave outputs for the best sweeping effects). You can use the panel controls or plug in up to three separate control voltages, (SWEEP, RATE and DEPTH)!

The LFO MODE switch controls how the filters are swept...

Single- All three filters are swept together by sine wave LFO number one.
Dual- Filter one is swept with the first LFO, while filters two and three are swept with the second sine wave LFO.
Dual Reverse- This is the same as above, except one LFO is inverted and the filters are swept in opposite directions.

This filter also has three separate audio outputs, which can be used to create frequency-dependent stereo panning. Using three inputs on your mixer, you can manually pan Filter One to the LEFT, set Filter Two to CENTER, and pan Filter Three's output to the RIGHT. The LFOs then sweep the stereo field - based on the frequency content of what you are playing! (Of course by simply turning off the LFOs, the module can be used it as a three section fixed filter bank).

We thought we'd give the design credit to Jurgen this time, but he is so modest that he requested that only his trademark initials grace the front panel of this beauty!

410 Vox2.mp3
410 Zombies.mp3

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