Nyle Steiner collaborated heavily with us on this Designers Tribute Series project to finally bring you something ~really~ new in a filter!

Its sound has a unique raspy timbre quite unlike other filters, and we've added an exclusive voltage controlled resonance input to the original circuit for lots of gutsieness, as well as what may well be the most radically new input mixing structure seen on a filter yet...

Instead of placing the assorted filter type selections such as High Pass, Band Pass, and Low Pass as various outputs like all the others, this VCF turns the tables on them by placing all these at the inputs instead...

You can use all these inputs simultaneously! This of course allows a unique form of frequency dependant mixing!

You might for example enjoy the result of feeding the theme song from "Gilligan's Island" into the High Pass input while bringing "Stairway to Heaven" into the low pass input? Well, have you ever heard ~that~ before?

Imagine the total transformations possible when three of your independent patches respectively take the Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass inputs! The results you hear will be truly synergetic!

(There's even a separate All Pass input included - which makes the filter act differently as a subtle type of voltage controlled Phase Shifter).

At last a fresh voice with character, that is both unique yet familiar, and is powerful while remaining ultra friendly! Nyle's Synthacon Filter has got the makings of an instant classic!

$ 449.00 US
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"The Synthacon is radically different - you're right there! High resonance and thick bass end as well - very nice, and then its got that weird side - reedy, screamy stuff - marvelous!"

"I have lots of filters (Paia, Wiard, Doepfer, Blacet and CGS) and none of them are anything like the Synthacon. It sort of does a double switch around on the multiple outputs/single input idea of a multimode filter. It gives so much more control over the signal going "in" instead of just what's coming "out". The best of both worlds."

Throaty Bass example: (mp3)
Low Pass input, fairly high resonance, with the frequency driven by an envelope generator.
Spectral Mixing: (mp3)
One sequencer driven oscillator provides three inputs to the Synthacon Filter. The Sawtooth output of the VCO goes into the Low Pass input, the Triangle output goes into the High Pass input, and a gated reverb patch is applied to the same oscillator's square wave output before feeding into the Synthacon's Band Pass input. Here the frequency knob is being swept slowly through the audio spectrum allowing Nyle's design to exhibit what it does best..
Synthacon as VCO: (mp3)
Here the filter is self-resonating as a sound source with no audio input.
(Frequency modulation is supplied by a Sample & Hold patch)
Bubbling Resonance: (mp3)
This is the result of feeding a random Sample & Hold signal into the
voltage controlled resonance input instead of into the frequency control
input. (The Resonance knob has been set to just below self oscillation)
Synthacon as Phase Shifter: (mp3)
White noise into the ALL PASS input and frequency modulated by a Triangle
wave. The Hi, Band, and Low Pass knobs allow you to tune the phasor effect
to your taste.
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