Attention: Any Power freaks out there should please ignore this module...

(Just kidding)!

There are many ways to fatten-up a thin signal, but imagine adding an adjustable mix of four full octaves of rich lower subtones to your original source!

(Talk about radical?) With a second input and the flip of a switch, this module engages four internal ring-modulators which each use one of the four sub octaves the module generates as a carrier against the modulation input.

Inspired by an ancient circuit in ElectroNotes, and then expanded upon by Designer Paul Schreiber into the fiercesome MOTM 120 module - This Modcanian adaptation of the Sub Octave Multiplexer can easily transform the sound of a simple flute into a tuba, or if the mood strikes you then, perhaps into a wailing wall of heavy metal thrash guitars! Not for the faint of heart

For those who have never heard a flute transformed into a thrash metal guitar: 120_flute.mp3


"One Mux Walking" (mp3) by Les Mizzell
This is a single self-running patch. Audio path #1 uses only four modules for the generation of the "walking sequence" that you hear.

A.   OSC 1 - set to low frequency
Sine out to MUX
Pulse out to OSC 2 and S/H clock in
B.   OSC 2 - audio frequency
Sine out to MUX
C.   S/H - clock from OSC 1 above
Noise in for random generation
Output to OSC 2

There's some filtering after this setup, using the S/H clock as a trigger, but the above is all it takes to generate all those notes... By adjusting the width of OSC 1 pulse width you can "swing" the walking line, plus by adjusting the 4 stages of the MUX you can vary the "pauses" and such...

The second audio path is the "noise melody" and is a simple noise gen into a filter or two and then into the Modcan Phaser. The noise is being pitched from tweaking one of the filter knobs as the patch plays. I didn't have the keyboard hooked when I made this. Add some LFO aided panning at the final stage of it all and you're done.

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