Ken's latest development is his own modern and improved design of an Arabesque Pattern Generator similar to the classic Serge Analog Shift Register schematic originally published in Synapse years ago.

When clocked, this delightful circuit will sample the incoming analog voltage at each pulse, and sequentially shift the stored voltage progressively down a row of three outputs . The Psycho Shift-Register can be used for example, to repeat a melody of control voltages around to several successive oscillator voices - Just like a choral group singing repeating melodies in four-part round-robin style.

Thus it is incredibly useful for auto-compositional harmonies as it is, but what sets this version apart is that in this module it is combined with a certain popular little quad LFO called The Psycho LFO which is also from the lineage of the Australian Cat Girl Synth system.

While Ken Stone may in fact be the Other Unicorn, I'm sure that he never imagined this kooky combination of his clever critters!

Of course the ASR and Quad LFO sections can work independently... However when the "Link" switch is thrown, one of the oscillators acts as a simple clock driving the Analog Shift Register, while the other three are free to create the jumble of control voltages that the register actually shifts!

"Doctor It's Alive!"

Well, not exactly Igor, but an exclusive control voltage "Modulation" input has a hand in adding more of your own animation to the Monster. The unique "Blend" and "Character" controls are useful for transforming the total output from something joyous to downright disturbing!

It's your creature - You can decide it's fate!

The prognosis here Doctor, is that this Psycho Shift-Register is the very first of it's kind that has mutated into being capable of thinking for itself! Naturally these need very careful supervision... I prescribe ordering one for your studio immediately!

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