Doesn't it seem like we always need an another attenuator ~somewhere~ in a patch, just to add a little more control? (Some times, it would be great to simply flip a voltage by inverting it) and every once in a great while, can't a patch can get so gnarly and complex, that it would be really nice to add an LED or two to indicate just what's going on somewhere in the all of that?

Well here's a solution!

The Octal Inverting Attenuator
(A utility with humility!)

Eight channels of independent attenuation and inversion.
This module introduces bipolar LEDS to the system, allowing you to monitor the status of incoming voltages. Green indicates positive DC signals, and Red shows inverted, while Audio signals show as Yellow!

The very last output is a summation of all the above, which for example, can be quite handy to combine all eight of the gate outputs of a Gated Comparator or Gate Sequencer!

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