How did we know that you needed more VCAs? (every system does!) Here are eight ultra-compact linear Voltage Controlled Amplifiers that can pass either audio or control voltages throughout all of your patches...

Look Ma' No Knobs! Each channel has an activity LED to show you exactly what's happening and where. Control voltage rejection is high, and noise is low, low, low!

Each VCA operates as a unity gain channel in the zero to five volt range, however there is a doubling in gain as the control voltage approaches ten volts. Adding a little bias voltage to your control input allows you to use these either way and a special "Bury" adjustment trimmer can be set to ensure total silence with zero bleed when off.

Think of it, you'll now have essentially eight voltage controlled resistors so you can add voltage control to just about any parameter with an input jack! The possibilities are endless...

Amplitude or index modulation (tremelo), distortion, crossfades, patch changes, surround sound panning... all a piece of cake! You can patch signals in parallel or in series through several of the channels -if you really want to go wild. Treat yourself to an entire feast of patching possibilities in one compact module!

$ 415 US
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