Mix Six Mixers are back in regular Production!

All eight of these pots are of the pull-out variety, which include a switching mechanism to select special features.

On each of the six inputs there is a level knob that pulls to invert the incoming waveform or control voltage, (Yes, these will mix audio signals and/or control Voltages).

There is a main output with master volume knob (pulling it out enables a "Bright Switch" to add a little clarity to a mix in the high end)...

And there is a second parallel output channel with Bass Enhancement, and pulling it engages a Moog mixer type "Pop Filter" and adjustable Lag (portamento) for processing control voltages.

Unlike some mixers in our format, these knobs behave traditionally and thus are are fully-silent when turned to the familiar fully Counter-Clockwise position

You will quickly find these high-quality beauties essential to any size system!

$ 259.00 US
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