Cha Cha Rhythms are a natural for this Ken Stone designed Pattern Generating Sequencer!

Instead of having rows of knobs for adjusting analog voltage output levels like a traditional sequencer, this Aussie Cat Girl Synth creation features rows of three-way switches for timing decisions instead...

The Gate Sequencer has 48 possible combinations per measure via two independent rows of switched gate and trigger outputs. It's simply hard to stop dancing when this thing is running!

Useful for polyrhythmic adventuring wherever gates, square waves, or leading edges can be found!


"Everything works great. The Gate sequencer is a joy with my TKB. I love mapping one channel of the G.S. to the clock and the other channel to direction (<>) or reset. Funky stuff!"

Gate Seq Demo 1 (mp3) - A self-running patch that demonstrates the use of four voices each fed through one of four Low Pass Gate sections... Each Gate in turn is controlled by one of four different pulse sources derived from the Gate Sequencer's various outputs. The Gate Sequencer is the source of all rhythm and timing of the demo, and is being clocked by a voltage controlled LFO modulated by just a slight amount of slow positive sawtooth.
Gate Seq Demo 2 (mp3) - Again the Gate Sequencer Pulse outputs A and B are directly controlling two Low Pass Gates (no Envelope Generators used). Each LPG is gating the sound of a resonating filter as a sound source. They in turn are being pitch modulated by a Gated Comparator module clocked by an LFO. The Gate Sequencer itself is being clocked by the same LFO which is being modulated by a second LFO ramping up.

In this example, the PULSE B output of the Gate Sequencer is also patched-in directly as one of the audio sources, so here the Gate Sequencer is both the source of the demo's rhythm, as well as one of it's voices.
Gate Seq Demo 3 (mp3) - Here's a quick little drum loop by Chris Rayce sequenced with the gate sequencer, playing with the kick rhythm timing by flipping the switches on and off in real time. The kick is Wiard Omni Filter, hats and doink are noise and ringmodded noise shaped with Dual Envelator and lovely vactrols in Borg Filter (can't wait to get quad low pass gates)
Gate Seq Demo 4 - "Mangle" example is using the Gate Sequencer as a distortion unit. running the output of a TB-303 first through a preamp then into the gate in. Audio out from the pulse out. Various switch positions lead to different distortion results. Very dirty grungy sound.
Thanks to Chris Rayce.
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