The Four Filters module consists of four laboratory quality multi-mode, two-pole filters with voltage controlled cutoff and variable Q. So what's so special about them? Are they a new, cool, edgy-sounding type? No. Are they warm and fuzzy and tan and chocolatey in the mid-range? No. What's so great about them is that there are four of them. A veritable busy-box of precision filters. Now you can get way more sophisticated with your spectral shaping! (After all, doing subtractive synthesis with only one filter, is like trying to do additive synthesis with only one sine wave). Now the training wheels are off!

Each filter can be either Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, or Notch depending on how you pull or push the MODE knobs - like this:

   OUT    IN Lowpass
IN IN Bandpass
IN    OUT    Highpass

By patching the filters in series, or mixing them in parallel, you can obtain some very complex spectral shapes, some moving, and some fixed if you like.


  • Use a single filter in Lowpass mode in the traditional way.
  • Off-load one of your super-expensive, jet-powered filters with one of these.
  • Use as pseudo lowpass gates.
  • Put two (or more) lowpass in series to get four-pole or steeper response.
  • Patch three or four in series (all hi-Q, Lowpass) to create a vocal tract (or any pipe)!
  • Mix a notch and two Bandpass to create a good string voicing filter.
  • Put a Lowpass and Highpass in series with tandem control to create Yamaha CS-80 sounds.
  • Mix four Bandpass together with LFO control to create a spectral animator!
  • Mix one or more Bandpass / Notch with some dry signal to create a parametric equalizer / fixed filter bank.
  • Multiple hi-Q filters struck with impulses makes complex percussion!
  • Put Lowpasses in series with staggered CV control to create a variable slope filter.
  • Formants, formants, formants.

And it bears repeating: Trying subtractive synthesis with only one filter, is like trying additive synthesis with only one sine wave! Maybe the search for that one really great filter is over. The answer doesn't lie in any single filter � you need more! A complex, moving spectrum is what entertains the ear... Here's the tool to for you to accomplish that!

$ 995 US
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