Here's a module that can stand on it's own two feet!

The Bipedal Interface is a pair of Synthesis Technology Pedal Interfaces mounted together on one panel and adapted to Modcan System voltage levels of plus and minus 5 volts. With it and a pedal or two, you can easily operate any voltage controlled parameter in you system with your feet, thus freeing up your hands to create even further musical mischief!

The interface will automatically adapt to differences between pedal manufacturers, and is suitable for use with most any pedals that use common 3-conductor 1/4 phone plugs.

This alone would be cause to dance, however the Bipedal Interface does not actually require ~any~ pedals at all to be a valuable tool in your system.

Actually, it's chief function is scaling incoming voltages from a variety of sources such as photocells, accelerometers, altimeters, pressure sensors, computers, breath controllers, motion sensors, and yes... pedals! (or even something as familiar as the output of your own LFO or Envelope Generators).

If one desires more or less overall modulation range from a given source, it may be scaled with this handy device. It's gate threshold knob is quite useful when one wants to extract a gate from a signal such as from the Modcan 08A Processor, or a drum machine for example, and it can be also be reconfigured to interface your system with equipment requiring a Moog type-S trigger if desired.

As you can see it is a Swiss Army knife of inter-compatibility!

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