The UEG can be used as an LFO, envelope generator, and step sequencer!

Eight stages are provided with adjustable time and level settings for each stage, and include LEDs which indicate the relative DC voltage output for each position.

Major Modes of the UEG include:
LOOP-ONLY or LFO mode between two loop points.
ONE-SHOT if you absolutuely positively have to have a full event!
GATE mode which has several different reaction modes including:
  STEP (as a sequencer),

The START and END switches control the length of each loop. The output
waveform can have one of three slopes: linear, log, and step. These are shown graphically on the front panel and this finger tip control is extremely handy!

Of course the UEG also has a trigger button for triggering the UEG manually as well, and a TIME jack allowing an input voltage to control the overall time constant of an entire Universal event.

The OUTPUT jack is of course the main output waveform. It is a 0 to 5 volt analog voltage that corresponds to the front panel settings.

The TRIG END jack fires off a short pulse at each stage juncture and the conclusion of the final stage. This can in turn start other mischief elsewhere in your system...

NOW Thanks to Tony Karavidas at Encore Electronics we are Officially IN PRODUCTION and taking Orders for this finely conceived and crafted Instrument

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