The New Mini Power Supply!

We've finally succeeded in designing a tiny power supply for powering a single Sixpac or WoodWork Cabinet of up to eight typical modules!

These are simple and do not have all of the features of our two larger power supplies, however they're perfect for inclusion into each SixPac, and for beginners and Do It Yourselfers making custom portable configurations such as suitcase synths and so on.

Like their larger Brothers, these Mini Supplies have Dual Supply indicators and our famous Green Grounding Jacks.

Note: Some system configurations may require other voltages not typically associated with our standard plus and minus fifteen volt supplies.

If for example, you require 5 volts or 12 volts for a particular auxiliary device such as powering a keyboard, ribbon controller, TV Monitor, or microprocessor... This is just the ticket!

They will be shipped at our standard ± 15 Volt DC .5 amp configuration unless other voltages are requested on a build to order basis.

Special Note: These are presently shipping, however we are also developing a variation of this design for hidden installation into ~the back~ our SixPac enclosures to make them completely self-contained.

Click here to read our Power Distribution FAQ.

Please contact us directly for details...

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