They say that timing is everything!

Here is a comparator that can manipulate pulse strings or shift timing sequences to stagger events over time.

A utility module of sorts, with a twist...

The comparator's output goes high when the input voltage is greater than the reference voltage set by the threshold knob. Following that is a eight-stage digital shift-register which samples the output of the comparator at the rate of the clock signal and presents it at the first output. The following seven outputs simply pass what happened on the previous clock pulses down the line. This is incredibly useful as a gate delay, or for example to automatically vary the timing of mutiple events!

Now here comes the twist, the logic levels stored in this shift register are also converted into a varying control voltage by an internal D/A converter and presented at the RM random melody output!

Shhh!... This Random Melody control voltage also has an evil inverted twin, thus the plausable counter-arabesque patterning and timing possibilities are stupendous when combined with a Modcan Sample & Hold 07A module, Pulse Divider 20A, or a Cynthia brand Psycho Shift Register!

Gated Comparator Manual
Getting Started with the Gated Comparator


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