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Whether you desire Euro Rack, Dotcom, Moog, Motm, FracRak, or Modcan A-Series format additions to your electronic music studio, then you've found a great resource here at Our modules are aesthetically, mechanically, and electrically, compatible with a multitude of products and systems from other manufacturers, and we're the only company offering our radical module designs in at least five popular flavors!

Cyndustries is committed to making the finest and most sophisticated modules possible! This is our ninth year in business and we're just getting started! Our Cynthia® brand name can be found on thousands of exotic synthesizer modules in over (35) countries, and we are presently establishing an International Dealer Network!

Cynthia brand modules are above all unique, useful, and totally fun compliments to already outstanding systems! Get your hands on these edgy high-precision designs, and in an instant you will know the Cynthia difference.

Contact us at if you have any questions, after all, that's what we're here for!

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New Modules
Four Filters Four Transients
Octal VCA
Zeroscillator Prime & Rhythmic Dividers
Anything Module SixPac Enclosures
MixSix Mono Mixer Power Distro Accessories
Sawtooth Animator Medium Power Supply
Synthacon Filter Major Power Supply
Super Psycho LFO  
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Watch for this logo
The TRIBUTE SERIES recognizes classic creations of some of the most brilliant circuitry Designers. Each has been contacted directly and given their permission. Look for their names proudly displayed in the lower right corner of all Cynthia brand Tribute Series modules...

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