Each module is hand-built to order, and usually takes about 4 or 5 weeks before shipping. Often several of each type are made together in waves, and some are more ready to go at a given time than others, (it's really all about timing).

A 50 percent deposit on your order is required to reserve your modules. You may pay the entire amount up front if you like as there's no doubt that speeds things up a little.

We accept the following payment methods through PayPal

"We don't make them - until you order them"

Typical Order - Prices in US Funds
Gated Comparator $225.00
Super Psycho LFO $250.00
StereOspace $225.00
Total $700.00
50% Percent Deposit $350.00

For Information on Shipping Charges, Click Here

Often six or a dozen of each design will be made at a time, they are each numbered so that if you place your deposit when number 7 is available, the next person's deposit would be a reservation to hold number 8.

As they come off the assembly line and are tested, they will be shipped in numerical order to the respective reservation holders in sequence.There is however no guarantee what type of module is made after another.

We're pretty easy going, and do our best to keep a friendly close connection by sending and responding to eMails quickly.

All modules that appear on the site are real products that are now in various stages of production, unless they are clearly marked "in Development" If you see a price for something on these pages, that means you can actually go ahead and reserve one!

There is of course no guarantee that the particular module that you are interested in may ever be made by us again... Which is why we call them "Limited Editions".

Please visit the website often as there are usually several small improvements each day. The Goodies section of the site has helpful resources for the entire Electronic Music Community. Spread the word!

Thanks so much for your interest!



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