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$175.00 - plus shipping
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SixPac Wiring Harness - $125.00
(for connecting from 3 to 6 SixPacs up to a Major Power Supply)
Status: Shipping

Height: 9.00 inches
Width: 13.50 inches
Depth: 7.00 inches

Material: 1/16 inch Aluminum
Finish: Black Anodize or Black Paint

Module Mounting: 6-32 Threaded Holes
Combo Distro Card mounting: internal 4-40 threaded 3/8 stand-offs
SixPac to SixPac mounting: 1/4-20 Nuts and Bolts Clearance Holes
SixPac to Accessory mounting: 1/4-20 Nuts and Bolts Clearance Holes

A SixPac Power Distribution Card is included with each unit.
Electrical Connections: Daisy Chain or Star Configuration possible
Each surface provides both a 5/8 Power Connector mounting hole
facing an opposed 7/8 Power connector clearance hole.

Mounting Compatibility with other SixPacs: top to bottom (Vertical),
left to right (Horizontal), and back to back.

Suggested Mounting Schemes:
(Ultimate Support brand Apache A-frame Stands will fit three and four SixPac widths)

"The SixPacs are pretty amazingly well done and well thought out. Nice tight fits, nothing that made me curse, easy to put together. I like 'em!"

"I can't say enough good things about the six packs. They are one of the cheapest closed enclosure for modules I've seen. However, the fit and finish is excellent. Not excellent for the price, just plain excellent! They have more than enough structure and are good looking to boot!" James

Special Thanks again to Tim Parkhurst for SixPac 3D Renderings

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