1st place: World Wide War

Name: Luca Capozzi - NA, Italy

Equipment: Doepfer A-100; EXS24; Reaktor 5; External samples (speeches, background phone calls, planes and explosions).

War is part of humankind since his born on this planet. Through the ages, men fight each other with every know weapon but only in the 20th century we had massive global wars. In this track I've tried to highlight some very important moments. The first speech is Einstein talking about the danger of atomic weapons. After that you can hear President Roosvelt talking about Pearl Harbor attack. This attack carried US to the war. The last speech is President Bush talking about 9.11 attack. Same as Pearl Harbor, this attack bring us all into a new global war. A world wide war.

2nd place: Cross Clangers

Name: Nawroz Abbany - , Germany

Equipment: Roland Super Jupiter Roland MC202 (A-Sol. Mod) Doepfer A-100 + MAQ 16/3

A timeless tale of Clanger meets Clanger - They fall in love, then fall apart. A most shocking end, it breaks my heart.

3rd place: Post War Jam

Name: Scott Scheferman - CA, USA

Equipment: Jomox SunSyn, Spectralis, Micromoog, MachineDrum, MEK

Live performance, also in video format at www.youtube.com/shagghie. Captures the depression after WWIII, yet the hope, too, of being able to still expression one's feelings after such an experience. Filmed and recorded live into Ableton. No postproduction at all.

Congratulations and a mighty Cynthia Zeroscillator to our first Place Winner, trophies to the top three contestants, and... a Special Discount Coupon good for $50.00 off any Cyndustries module goes out to everyone who entered below!

Thanks to everyone for participating!

"Bibb Bobb"   -   [click here] (no popup)

J￸rgen Indal - S￸r-Tr￸ndelag, Norway

Equipment: -Akai s1000 and some assorted samples, mostly percussion. -Korg ms20 -Semi-working Roland system 100 -And of course my old space echo

Played by hand and fixed up with an mc500 mkII then recorded to tape.

"Gedanken.Manipulation"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Paul - A. Kabat - Bremen, Germany

Equipment: korg ms-20 korg ms-2000 korg poly-61 roland tr-808 waldorf rackattack

RAUSCHWERK - electronic s p a c e music The project was born in 2001. It is a new way to show all possibilities of synthetic sound creation made by one man. paul - a. kabat .. the man behind rauschwerk and polymode works as producer, sound-designer and audio-restorer since 1988. Over the years the sound of rauschwerk changed to a more experimental and unique one - full synthetic sound and vocals mixed with electro beat sequences. Current releases follow the way of electro-based sound and electronically zipped beats mixed with ambient pads and machine noises. No strange data is used - all the sounds, noises, sequences, etc. are always exclusively made, so the style and music are always very original sound data. The music production of rauschwerk follows the styles of classic electro / nu-electro + ambient/chill = r|w-style. It is a mix of more worlds of styles - it's up to you to check it out.

"Stow Cash Tick"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jim Gordon - CA, USA

Equipment: MOTM

Aleatoric experiment using only minimal MOTM gear

"Reanimation"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Grant Oddoye - Scotland, Edinburgh

Equipment: Korg Triton Le 61 Tascam DP01FX

An electronic depiction of a peaceful soul rising above a psychological, spiritual and physical battlefield.

"Peace Then War Then Nothing"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Michael Marsh - CA, USA

Equipment: 7-string electric BOSS RC-50 Looper Yamaha Magic Stomp MOTM analog modular Tassman software synth VAZ Modular

The "Peace" portion is mainly the 7-string through a Magic Stomp then looped using the RC-50. The windy stuff is MOTM. The piece transitions to chaos and 'human' voices provided by Tassman and Vaz respectivley. The windy stuff comes back, signifying that Earth remains even as we do not. Some post-processing using Izotope Ozone was done.

"Soundrise"   -   [click here] (no popup)

David Scott Stone - CA, United States

Equipment: MOTM/Blacet/Encore(UEG)/Cyndustries(ZO) modular synth system.

War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace War and Peace...

"War in Pieces"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Joe Zobkiw - NC, USA

Equipment: Virus TI, Virus Indigo II, DSI MEK, Ableton Live, Macintosh G5

Sadness and desolation throughout. War begins with an SOS, the sounds of battle and pain. Eventually the war ceases, but the sadness and loss remain. Although we attempt to rejoice, we can only so much, for all sides of the war have lost. The underlying pain never ceases. Slowly the memory fades away of the war in pieces.

"War Weary"   -   [click here] (no popup)

David Moreno - NY, USA

Equipment: Doepfer, Plan B, Livewire modules, Moog Voyager

This track is meant to convey some of the melancholy and exhuastion many people feel about the current war.

"D'PASSION"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Noel Temple - Ontario, CANADA

Equipment: Rhodes 660, yamaha RX10, Cubase SX, B4 snyth plug-in

fun ("Do I make you horny?" Quote: Austin Powers)

"Edecebea"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Tim Nikmis - Indiana, U.S

Equipment: Paia Fatman, cpu, some synth vst, jeskola buzz,

"Silica and Liquid"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jonathan J. Kidder - NC, USA

Equipment: ASR-10 rack, Moogerfooger LPF-101, Archos MP3 recorder, Giant Squid Audio Labs stereo condenser microphone, 8' cube apartment dumpster, 22" Remo Buffalo drum, cheap aluminum darbouka, Shure SM-58, E-bow, Fender guitar pick (medium), Schirmer piano (mfg'd ~1925), various small wind-chimes, Roland CP-40 pitch-to-MIDI converter, a poet named Mac Lomax, MOTU 1296, Halion, Nuendo, crappy Tascam line-mixer, many, many, many cables and adapters.

Random compositional inputs include: the infamous ASR-10 play-everything-in-memory-including -dereferenced-samples-and-random-values bug; the routing of that audio to a delay whose feedback level was controlled by an envelope-follower; the routing of that audio to a (dodgy at the best of times) pitch-to-midi converter for the generation of a stochastic MIDI note stream for the triggering of the field-recordings; the nonlinear action of an ebow on piano strings; and of course a poet named Mac Lomax.

"Tolstoy"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Ian Sayer - NA, NZ

Equipment: G2 modular recorded live + vocal samples added with Audacity.

The main melody uses LFO triggering 3 clocked random modules to select note/gate time and accent. GWB samples added with audacity. It was very hard to find GWB saying 'peace'.

"ePuccolicious"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Frank Bonifazi - CO, USA

Equipment: My invention, "LipSynth" - my electronic puccolo(whistling) is the main osciallator, driving a Digitech Vx400, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator and an Electro-Harmonix Hog harmonizer. I use these alone or in combination. I also used a Gibson EchoPlex Plus looper - this is a single recorded track, (use a Zoom PS-04 digital recorder), which I transferred into Cubase for volume anamation and a little trimming to get under the 3 minute limit. I mastered it with IK Multimedia's T-Racks 24 software. Individual instument levels can not be changed excpet via compression/expansion since it's a real-time recording...no multi-tracking!

I am a world-champion jazz whistler, who's constantly trying to expand the limits of whistling...to many dudes doing Danny Boy. My idea was to do as much music as possible with only my mouth and fingers, in real-time...kind of like Bobby McFerrin on steriods. I created this track using only my mouth (humming bass and whistling lead) and my fingers (wedding ring tapping on mic for rim-shot sound). I use analog and digital effects, and a looper, but no MIDI - I'm a purist! Anyway, samplers can't track my fast or glissando whistling. My goal was to play hot guitar-sounding licks with only whistling - some techniques I use go beyond what a guitarist can do. I beleive I have accomplished my goal and have created a piece of music that should raise some eyebrows and put smiles on peoples' faces...caught you! Ciao! Francesco - The Jazz Whistler www.thejazzwhistler.com

"A Reasonable Paradox"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jeremy Martin - wa, usa

Equipment: circuit bent effects pedals and toys, modified record player, nord modular (quite minimally), and voice.

I made this piece with various things I circuit bent and modified and improvised with some recordings of my voice with a resonance-chamber effect.

"Musings of a Smart Bomb"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Michael Marsh - CA, USA

Equipment: Mostly MOTM analog modular.

What is a smart bomb thinking on its way to its purpose?

"Victory Garden"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Chris Muir - CA, USA

Equipment: Buchla 200e, Max/MSP, Logic Pro

VictoryGarden consists of four "passes" of Buchla 200e: two drone passes, a noisy/growly pass, and a plucky pass in 5/4. Each pass was recorded in quad, but is presented here in stereo. ShapePlayer, a custom Max/MSP patch was used as the note generator. There was editing involved to bring it in under the three minute barrier. Apparently, I can't even tie my shoes in three minutes. The name VictoryGarden was chosen to reflect this year's theme of War and Peas (sorry).

"insectacon victory"   -   [click here] (no popup)

david wright - AZ, United States

Equipment: diy glide, oakley vco, 2 cgs vco, 1 cem vco, dark star chaos, sawtooth animator, time machine, motm 490, steiner vcf, cgs waveshaper, oakley phaser, blacet ring mod, mixer, low pass gates x2, 2 oakley vcas, motm vclfo, oakley lil lfox2, motm adsr, efm adsr, cgs digital noise, diy noise, super psycho lfo, oakley s&h, blacet freq divider, cgs sequential switch, universal event generator, burst generator, mixer, mixer, mixer

live mono recording from output of my big wooden modular - i started with a patch of explosion sounds and this just happened - sorry its ghetto

"Divided Within"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Andrew Sanchez - Texas, USA

Equipment: Hardware modular, various manufacturers. A Microwave XT was used at the end for one sound.

Not sure what info is wanted here, sorry..

"ensemble"   -   [click here] (no popup)

luka - Italy, Italy

Equipment: Garage Band

an ensemble "battle" among different concept/instruments, sound variations and loop "animated" by an extemporary performance played and lived in real time till ending in a clean, mono-instrumental, final melody sound. for (me) peace.

"Sideral Trip"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Humberto Fuentes - , Chile

Equipment: only Fruity loops and reason 3.0

a trance piece to be raving during 8 minutes...

"broken glass"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Erfan Abdi - Tehran, Iran

Equipment: my pc casio ctk-481 as MIDI device propellerhead reason 3.0

it's prefered to listen to it through stereo headsets

"Desert Life"   -   [click here] (no popup)

jean-pierre zing - ile de france, France (EU)

Equipment: Kobol expanders 1and2 -Noise-S/H-Envelope Follower-Gate Delay -ADSR-ADS(3)-VCF-VCA. Blacet-EG1-Binary Zone-Quad VCA-MiniWave(used as a quantizer)-VCO(exp fm mod) -Dark Star Chaos(2x)-Time Machine(2x). Homemade Formant-VCF24dB -VCFmultimode 12dB(lowpass) -Noise-S/H(followed by a monostable)-LF VCO-LFO(2). home made Psycho Lfo(based on 6 formant LFOs (quantized output and resettable Glide)-Analog Shift Register(based on LF398 chips)-EG(based on cem 3310 chip)-Phase filter (capacity switched)-VCO (cem3340)-Warp Reverb(MN 3310 vactrol controlled clock)-Sequential Switch. Roland System 100M 150:S/H-LFO-Noise- 172:Gate Delay-Audio Delay. Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer(very old one). Maestro Ring Modulator. MXR Pitch-Shif Doubler -Pitch Transposer. Symetrix 606 Delay F/x Machine. Home made Autopan Ableton Live 6 DAW for mixing with Waves IR1 Convolution Reverb using a Desert Impulse Response.

I like synth battles! (in the thirties they did fantastic Big Bands jazz battles).and the contest was a good occasion for me to record this little piece.taking special attention to the depth and the spaciousness of the sounds. the content is: carefree attitude.ᅠwar. nothingness.

"glitch fantasy"   -   [click here] (no popup)

mel morley - fl, usa

Equipment: ableton live softsynths

random maddness

"jupiterEight"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Todd Barton - Oregon, usa

Equipment: Roland Jupiter-8

Created on the fly by performing live on teh JP-8 while overlapping tracks in DP4.5

"mo12seCODE"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Darren Ng Tzer Huei - -, SINGAPORE

Equipment: HARDWARE: Sherman Filterbank II, Alesis ION, KORG Triton ST88, KORG EM1, KORG KP3, Moogerfooger MF105, an old handheld transistor radio SOFTWARE: Reaktor 5

._..__.. . _.. _._.. "Morse code is the only digital modulation mode designed to be easily read by humans without a computer, making it appropriate for sending automated digital data in voice channels, as well as making it ideal for emergency signaling..." This piece is a stipulation of morse codes being sent amongst artificial intelligence during wars in the future... Resulting in a cacophony of electronic communication. Inspired by visuals of actual morse codes, I've derived patterns from some to enter it as sequenced patterns, repeating them and countering them against each other... and the outcome is rather musical, naturally... Special Notes: The Sherman Filterbank II was used as a self oscillating modular instead of processing sounds... it was patched for feedbacking itself. The transistor radio was used for creating the sweeping sounds (like wind)... achieved by feeding through MF105. Reaktor 5 was used for some sound designs as well as a simple drum sequence. Most drum sounds from EM1. Gun sounds were designed on Triton.

"War in Pieces"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Bryan Cornell & Ed Moser - MD, United States

Equipment: Blacet/Doepfer/Wiard/Cyndustries/Plan B/ Modular; Live; Pro Tools; FutreRetro Mobius

A glass of water without the glass.

"nifirst"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Thomas Paulsen - , Germany

Equipment: Native Instruments Electronic Instruments 2XT Clavia NordLead 3 Jomox Airbase Mackie Tracktion^2 Moog Moogerfooger MF101

Microkit, is the one-man subproject from Monokit, a musicians duo, consisting out of Rob from the Netherlands and Thomas from Germany. Monokit has been released their first album on the netlabel "Nishi": http://www.notype.com/nishi/releases/76/index.html Also available on CD. Microkit music is sweeter sometimes that Monokit. If you want to put it into a drawer: Ambient-something.

"World Wide War"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Luca Capozzi - NA, Italy

Equipment: Doepfer A-100; EXS24; Reaktor 5; External samples (speeches, background phone calls, planes and explosions).

War is part of humankind since his born on this planet. Through the ages, men fight each other with every know weapon but only in the 20th century we had massive global wars. In this track I've tried to highlight some very important moments. The first speech is Einstein talking about the danger of atomic weapons. After that you can hear President Roosvelt talking about Pearl Harbor attack. This attack carried US to the war. The last speech is President Bush talking about 9.11 attack. Same as Pearl Harbor, this attack bring us all into a new global war. A world wide war.

"Sunlit Cellar- following dust up a sunbeam"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Bryan Lowe - WA, USA

Equipment: French Connection controller, Continuum fingerboard, sonar axe, KYMA, analogue systems modules.

The post apocolyptic "peace" following the next war. We are left to ponder our choices, alone, hiding in our cellar, watching flecks of dust in the small beam of sunlight coming in through the cracks in the boarded cellar windows. Stunned. Working so hard to forgive. Riddled with flashbacks of deeds recently done. I did what I had to... didn't I?

"The Foundry"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Bryan Lowe - WA, USA

Equipment: French Connection controller, Continuum fingerboard, sonar axe, Space axe, KYMA, analogue systems modules.

Work makes you free. The foundry is truly the soul of our Country, and the path to win this war against evil. In peace or in war... give to the foundry. Give yourself so that others may live.

"End as the beginning"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Bryan Lowe - WA, USA

Equipment: French Connection controller, Continuum fingerboard, sonar axe, analogue systems modules, MDT trumpet, Yahmaha wind synth.

Is it the calm before the storm of war, or the silence that follows. It's like when you awoke from an unexpected nap in an earlier time. Is it night or morning? The question means so much more this time.

"Opposing Force Min Mix"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Dale E. Parson - PA, USA

Equipment: Godin xtSA MIDI guitar, MIDIME homebrew software accompanist, Roland GR-33 & StringStudio synths (Dale Parson), Fender Jaguar Bass (Jeremy Parson)

Battlefield Ambience with a Lull in the Fighting. Synthesized explosions and machine noises are from homebrew MIDIME accompanist software into StringStudio. Other synths controlled by guitar & laptop keyboard.

"Anython Dance"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Todd R. Kueny, Sr. - PA, USA

Equipment: Arrick/Synthesizers.com, Logic, Mac OSX, TD-8


"Tall Ships (landfall edit)"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Lorne David Thomson - Ontario, Canada

Equipment: GK 2 fitted Travel Guitar, GR-30 Guitar Synth, Bass Guitar, Novation Bass Station, MicroKorg, Emu Vintage Keys Plus Rack, Yamaha AN200, Korg ER-1, Sherman Filter Bank, Zoom MRS8, all tracks recorded on Zoom Boxes then exported to Wav files, edited and assembled in Sound Forge and Acid Pro.

The arrival of the talls ships after victory, and the coming of peace...

"Bombs and Doves"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Chris Curtis - CO, USA

Equipment: Wiard, Cyndustries, Modcan, Serge, MOTM, Neumann

Doves fly over the machines of war while bombs rain in the background. The bombs were actually new years fireworks that happened to be going off as I composed the piece. I realized they fit the theme nicely so I plugged in a mic and recorded them. The synth sounds representing the machines are 4 self running mostly aleatoric patches.

"warnpeace2007"   -   [click here] (no popup)

ross healy - victoria, australia

Equipment: vcs3, jupiter 8 and audiomulch.

madnees of war and calm peace

"d-DAY|h-HOUR"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Darren Ng Tzer Huei - -, SINGAPORE

Equipment: Hardware: KORG Triton ST88, Roland SH101, Moog Etherwave Theremin, KORG EM1 Softwares: Sound Forge 5.0 and some VST for reverbs.

I was pondering about war and peace and thought they are pretty dichotomous. The existence of one entails the existence of another. The meaning of peace would not be possible without the precedence of war or vice versa. Inspired by this notion, d-DAY|h-HOUR depicts the attack that ends war... with that, peace entails, but at much cost. Like my other entry, this song was cut in a night. Hope you'll enjoy it. Cheers...

"where o ware o war"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Paul Akin - California, United States

Equipment: P4 "laptop" running Sound Forge 5, Cool Edit 1.2 and FL Studio 4. Eurorack modular used to create all sounds except for the ethnic drum samples in the opening FL sequence. All other sequences were S&H loops.

At the Warmlight celebration, the inhabitants of Halibecht dance and bask in the light of the massive Echoship as it makes it's ceremonial flyover. Inside, the flyer is feeling the full effect of the psychoactive pheremones released by the surface dwellers as he engages the echodrive that will plunge him into the heart of Trade Battlezone 23. Dying in battle does not result in actual death, but the resulting "Indescention" can be an unpleasant or enlightening experience depending on the flyer.

"Nython Sunrise"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Todd R. Kueny, Sr. - PA, USA

Equipment: Roland TD-8, MIDI Keyboard, Roland Piano, Arrick/Synthesizers.com, Mac OSX, Logic


"Destabilisation"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Juergen Haible - Mittelfranken, Germany

Equipment: Analogue synthesizers and effects, found speech audio clips

Beginning and ending, as well as most of the background audio FX, are of aleatoric nature. The melodic part is meant to symbolize the reckless marching onward from disaster to disaster.

"Post War Jam"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Scott Scheferman - CA, USA

Equipment: Jomox SunSyn, Spectralis, Micromoog, MachineDrum, MEK

Live performance, also in video format at www.youtube.com/shagghie. Captures the depression after WWIII, yet the hope, too, of being able to still expression one's feelings after such an experience. Filmed and recorded live into Ableton. No postproduction at all.

"underground speedway"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Petr Galeta - CZ, EU

Equipment: Software synths, drums, dreams

underground beat tracking

"oskillatorWarNPeace"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Bob Bellerue - CA, United States

Equipment: Mac G3 laptop (pismo), Supercollider 0.1, Fender amp (for microphonic feedback). all sounds recorded internally to disk via SC's built-in record feature

power-psychedelia, shapely noise && fragrant circuits

"Electronic Spin"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Gunnar Loeb - none, Sweden

Equipment: Roland MKS-80: Intro "FMish" sound, Bass, Pulse sound Roland Juno 1: Thin pulselead, Panning "mystic" sound Moog Source: Sweep, Sawlead Akai AX60: Noisepad Solton SM-100: Strings, EP-like sound.

I did this tune when I was suppose to study to an exam which included Quantum mechanics. It went fine by the way ;)

"Om"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Gustavo Jim←nez - Puerto Rico, United States

Equipment: Cubase SX, CoolEditPro 2, Absynth 4, Reaktor 5, Kurzweil K2600XS, Battery 2, Minimogue VST, various effect VSTs, and my 7 year old Dell.

This piece is supposed to express the chaos that is war and hate, and how it came be overcome if one puts his or her mind into it. The part of the piece that represents war is up until you hear the reversed voices. The voice you hear at the very end is a monk chanting a mantra. It is supposed to represent the power of tranquility and the human mind, in this case, peace. The mantra is "om mani padme hum", one of the most famous mantras in buddhism and hinduism. There are no pre-made loops used in this piece, all sequenced patterns were programmed by me.

"cyndustrial warfare"   -   [click here] (no popup)

scott scheferman - Ca, USA

Equipment: jomox sunsyn, mek, kp3

prelude to a big fat war

"5_Explosions"   -   [click here] (no popup)

kevin richey aka BINGO - ca, usa

Equipment: casio wk 3000 shure sm 58 beta akai mpc 2000 vocoder g3 powermac quicktime

Set in war-torn Baghdad, *5_Explosions* is a song about one robot's struggle to synchronize timecodes between the Islamic Call to Prayer, which is sung 5 times a day, and bombs placed by the Imperialist Empire. The robot had a job to do, and he failed. miserably. Dedicated to Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Rupert Murdoch.

"Machine March"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Dustin Stroh - WA, USA

Equipment: Euro/Frac modular system. TC M-One-XL for FX. Cubase for recording.

Here we have a war of marching machines, ending in peace when the power cells run out, and the machines fall apart. :) No sequencing and no keys. Timed by LFO, Pitch Control via NoiseRing, lots of modulation, and a little bit of knob turning.

"March of the Trolls"   -   [click here] (no popup)

V¦in￶ J¦rvel¦ - , Finland

Equipment: Doepfer modular basic system II + a A-106-1 and a A-188-1 modules.

Tale of the eternally marching trolls. No extra effects, no sequencing, no composing, no extra takes or mixin. Just the direct output from the Doepfer modular recorded in real-time. I hand operated some controls, but the rest is random CV controls from LFO's, sample and holds and weird patching for the sequence, which evolves depending on the filter settings.

"Saskwatch"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Nick Aitchison - East Sussex, UK

Equipment: Reason 3 computer

This track depicts peace. Inspired by the big hairy primate from the inner earth most notably referred to as sasquatche. If he made music this is was it would sound like!

"Cross Clangers"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Nawroz Abbany - , Germany

Equipment: Roland Super Jupiter Roland MC202 (A-Sol. Mod) Doepfer A-100 + MAQ 16/3

A timeless tale of Clanger meets Clanger - They fall in love, then fall apart. A most shocking end, it breaks my heart.

"Wpaerace"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Drago Hrvatin - Slovenia, Slovenia

Equipment: Micro Modular,Sherman FB2, Memory Man Delay,one sample

sampled,arranged in Nuendo

"Nocturnal Manoeuvres"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Tim Lee - NY, USA

Equipment: Electrocomp EML100 Macbeth Studio Systems M3X

The main riff/melody was improvised in one take on the EML100. The bass line and lead was overdubbed with the M3X with special effects from the EML again. Mixed down through a Peavey valve mixer and a Tascam spring reverb. I hope you like it !

"Microprosopus"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Andrew Fitch - West Australia, Australia

Equipment: Analogue modular synnth - 100% CGS modules

I used over 100 patchcords, all CGS modules. The main controller was the CGS Weighted Random Switch. The only human input during recording was through the mixer.

"War never really ends..."   -   [click here] (no popup)

Gabriel Duceppe - Qu←bec, Canada

Equipment: Doepfer A110, 115, 116, 117, 118, 120, 124, 130, 136, 140, 143-1, 145, 146, 196. C;avia Nord Modular G2, recorded on Logic Pro 7

The idea is calmness and peacefulness of a windchyme in a country house, when the infinite infernal loop of war that strikes randomly worldwide destroys it all, people will make attemps to communicate and solve the problems, but in the end all is left are metal tears and acid rains.

"Saigon 68"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jon Wohl - RI, USA

Equipment: Novation K-Station, Focusrite Trackmaster, Protools LE.

A reflection of the Vietnam war.

"Tiberius"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Dominic Misja - PA, USA

Equipment: 2 parts alpha juno 2, 1 part esq-1, and a dash of sampling. brew for several days in ableton live while stirring in coffee by the bucketload. serves asia.

He's worse than dead! His brain is gone!

"skip bump"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Pedro Aleman - CA, usa

Equipment: MOTM, CGS, Blacet, TH XRVCO's, Space Echo RE201, Ableton Live

The CGS gated comparator is triggering all the modules, and a psycho lfo is controling a VCO. Feeding the gated comparator is a sample and hold and an lfo for the clock. All the drum sounds are CGS drum modules. Everything is recorded into Ableton Live and some effects added.

"Overground Sluice"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Per Wikstrom - , Sweden

Equipment: Eurorack analogue modular (Doepfer, Metasonix, Plan B and more), Clavia G2, Claiva Modular, Korg ESX-1, Roland SH-09, my mixing pal Mats Hellquist.

Recorded live on two tracks in Rat Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.

"The Tyrrany of Pretention"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jonathan Snipes - CA, USA

Equipment: Apple G5 dual 2ghz Presonus Firepod DBX 386 Software: Logic Pro 7.2 Plugins: Logic Instruments: ES1, ESX24, Sculpture Logic Effects: Channel EQ, GuitarAmp Pro, TapeDelay, Noise Gate, Distortion Bram@Smartelectronix - Cyanide 2.0 Sound Consulting - Bad Cable Hardware: Synthesizers.com modules: 3*Q106, Q130, Q112, Q124, Q104, Q110, Q117, Q125, Q107, x*Q109 MOTM modules: 820, 120 (w/ Tellun daughterboard), 700, 485, 390, 890, 190 Blacet modules (MOTM format): Stonz phaser, dark star chaos, time machine Other modules (MOTM format): home-built mult., Tellun Neural Agonizer, Catgirl Steiner Filter Sound Workshop 242A Stereo Reverb Zvex Fuzz Factory Shure SM58 Microphone Marantz PMD670 AT825 Stereo Microphone

The idea here was to capture both the undeniable ecstasy of war and violence, the equally undeniable ecstasy of peace and serenity, as well as the horror and boredom that each can bring simultaneously. I wanted to reference the most extreme genres of music I could, from harsh noise to new age, and back again through drill 'n bass, idm, electro, disco, techno, etc. The idea is to be all of these things & none of these things simultaneously, just as war, peace, and the in between states are both and neither ecstatic and horrible simultaneously. I guess I would describe this piece as somewhere between Mannheim Steamroller, Pruient, Bogdan Raczynski, Goblin, and the Mae Shi, if I had to cite specific influences, though there are clearly heavy elements of Orbital (the harpsichord riff feels like it belongs in the extended version of "The Box" to me) and Michael Land's scores for the Monkey Island series of computer games. There is a brief excerpt from a field recording used here as well (at about 1:40), recorded this past summer in Bulgaria (the sounds you hear are cowbells echoing through the mountains as cows graze).

"polonium 303"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Matthieu Van Diepen - Holland, Netherlands

Equipment: Blacet, Wiard, Encore Frequency Shifter, Bel delay, Korg Sequencer, Dimension D, TC1210

Keep that music simple!

"Robotnik Warfairy"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Maarten Punselie - Groningen, The Netherlands

Equipment: Wiard Noise Ring Wiard Borg2 Filter Wiard Joystick Roland Juno 6 Roland Tr-626 (trigger juno) Spectral Audio Neptune Emu Commandstation Yamaha DX200 Elektron Machinedrum Behringer Mixer no outboard/fx

a jam with my Alter Ego :-D no multitrack, one take, straight into my soundblaster card. It took me 7 hours (including making patches), I saw this contest too late :-( I used the Noise Ring as oscilator and used the audio input of my neptune together with Osc1 of the neptune for the Bassline. Kickdrum comes out of the Machinedrum. The hats come from the juno filtered with the borg and tweaked it with the joystick. Pad is from the EMU together with the harpish sound. That sound is layered with the DX200, which is also responsible for the noisepitch. Here`s the story..... Imagine a nucleair robot. The robot is getting insane by radiation. The Robot hunts everything that`s alive. Suddenly there`s a fairy trying to help the digital soul to overcome is darkness. To end the suffering of both the robot and the living souls, she`s using her lovely but hypnotising voice... Inspired by Bj￶rk and Kraftwerk

"shooting back"   -   [click here] (no popup)

heinz d. blasnik - n/a, austria

Equipment: doepfer a-100 , cube, waldorf attack

the clip at the beginning is Hitler announcing the beginning of WW2 - by claiming it to be a defensive action ('we're shooting back since 5:45 am'), a propaganda trick as old as war itself.

"Wear and pace"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Michel Bonneval - , France

Equipment: 2 panels serge + korg sq10 few plugs-in recorded in Ableton Live

4 parts that were all made under the "control"of any generating random devices avalaible in my system no tweaking during the recording process very few editing done during the 5 hours just before the dead line for submitting

"Sacrifice"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Lief Codianni - MA, United States

Equipment: Electribe EA-1(2X),ER-1, Es-1, triple WSG, Fruity Studio, WaveLab, Fear and Loathing Sample, text to speech converter, 'field recordings' sounds of nature live from walden pond MA

Placing the emphasis on what one must give and not what is won or lost. Produced by Motorwulf, Synth programming by Lies, and Samples by The Braille Surgen.

"Ritalin"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Eric Wood - Wi, USA

Equipment: Roland TR707 Roland TR909 MOTM Yamaha DX 200 Yamaha AN200 Korg EA1 EH Poly Chorus ProTools

"V62.89"   -   [click here] (no popup)

don hassler - georgia, usa

Equipment: Macintosh/Cecilia/Protools/EMS/AS

analog source + time distortion processing

"Triassic Stalk"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Steven Dorand - LA, U.S.A.

Equipment: Korg DW000 Korg M1

A group of Coelophysis (Dinosaurs) hunting with one grabbing a giant dragonfly was the inspiration behind this piece.

"WAR OR ROSES"   -   [click here] (no popup)


Equipment: YAMAHA MOTIF 8


"when war was for heros"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Anthony T. Rolando - North Carolina, United States

Equipment: modules I wired up on perf board, commodore 64, mpc1000.

I was trying to evoke the sounds of the civil war, but my system is too small.

"central command computer destroyed"   -   [click here] (no popup)

robert voso - virginia, USA

Equipment: doepfer/PlanB/Livewire w/ a light amount of Logic Pro's Space Designer reverb added.

tried to imagine the small helpless centrla processing units being hammered with live artilery rounds to give it their last try, fire back then slowly stop working.

"Warrens Pace"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Steve Maietta - nj,

Equipment: Frack modular Ableton Live

Two minutes of random snippets of modular noodlings thrown together a few hours before deadline!

"Battle Ants on Arroyo 49"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jim Amore - NJ, USA

Equipment: Juno 6 Casio SK-1 Bent Electro Harmonix Small Stone Guyatone MD2 Tascam 4 track Human

This is a track created when I lived up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. It was layed down in a room that over looked Franconia's Notch in New Hampshire. Just me in the mountains.

"shockandawe"   -   [click here] (no popup)

david hernandez - california, usa

Equipment: metasonix s-1000, tm-1 and tm-3, dotcom vco, switch and mixer , korg pitch-to-voltage converter driven by rhodes mark I 88 , moog theremin and cp-251. recorded to half-inch 8-track with a touch of primative boss digital reverb, bbd and zvex lo-fi loop junky.

The idea was to devise a compositional strategy by which willfull acts and indeterminacy would interact in varying levels of balance and imbalance. There are two primary sections. The first section is primal. It is force and direction[up and out]. Upward glissandi coalesce until the oscillators reach the cusp of synchronicity , at which point they 'latch' into the positive feedback of the pulser tube. It is viscerally directed with joystick into a violently unstable state. The second section is primarily controlled by polyphonic input into a pitch-to-voltage converter. One has a concept of how it will behave , but as the converter negotiates the transients and inconsistent overtone structure of the rhodes it raises hell. So , rather than an idyllic rumination on peace to balance section #1 , it's more realistic ... attempting to mitigate disaster and come to an honorable conclusion.

"Z=Zsq+C"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Terrence J Furber - PA, USA

Equipment: Synclavier II, Korg PS-3100,Custom Minimoog modular W/Motm-Blacet-Paia, Roland System 100M, MOTM modular, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20, Casio CZ-101.

Used Atari ST running Dr. T's KCS to generate random notes. First three notes "D", "G#", "A" picked are basis of tune. Ran a 4 note random sequence "D,G#,A,D+1" for the bass line. "Z = Z squared + C" There is order to the chaos. Mostly war, the peace comes in after the 3:00 is up.

"only the meek"   -   [click here] (no popup)

robert bailey - CA, USA

Equipment: FM7,Korg MS20iC USB Contoller & Sonar5-Studio Edition

In celebration of the Zeroscillator and as an homage to John Chowing, I decided to use FM synthesis only. Abstract for Submisssion: Mother Nature and some of her most ancient musicians provide a chorus of 'bug-song' to represent the calm and peace of a natural world in balance, this is followed by the winds of change which leads us to war and it's gruesome climax. It's inevitable demise returns us once again to the calm of nature accompanied by the final chorus of 'bug-songs'in a new dawn. Peace to us all

"Labour of Love [Cyndustry Edit]"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Paul Dirks - BC, Canada

Equipment: Nord Modular G2 EMU E6400 Ultra EMU PK-6

Why can't we celebrate in life what we glorify in art? Instead we demonize the soldier's lion-heart...

"the sounds of history repeating itself"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Bryan Killingsworth - LA, United States

Equipment: Modular Analog Synthesizer: Doepfer A-100 suitcase with Doepfer, Plan B, and Bananalogue modules

Raw electronic sound meets raw emotion. In memory of those who have been lost and their families. Analog synthesis using a generative melody and some aleatoric (random) events. No sequencers or keyboards used.

"Frieden Und Krieg"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Robert Trelease - CA, United States

Equipment: FracRal format modular = Blacet:Metalbox/CGS:Wiard:Cynthia (42:12:5:1), Edirol UA-700 USB audio interface, Apple PowerBook G4, G5 Power Mac

4 separate stereo audio tracks made on analog modular synth, multi-LFO-based chaotic 'timing', recorded on PowerBook, mixdown in Logic on G5. Track 1, analog surf/ambience patch with Blacet Improbability Drive, LFOs, VCAs, filters; Track 2 chopper patch with Noise Ring and Cynare, LFOs, VCAs; Track 3 ordnance patch Metalbox Burst Generator, Cynare, custom SN76488 microsynth; Track 4 tone stairs, Binary Zone, MiniWave, Zeroscillator, LFOs, VCAs

"Zero Chance"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Chris Sawyer - TX, USA

Equipment: Serge Modular

Recorded in stereo as a single improvised take with real-time patch manipulation and no external processing

"War versus Peace"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Chris Harritt - Tokyo, Japan

Equipment: Elektron SPS-1, Studio Electronics Omega 8, Studio Electronics SE1X, Future Retro 777

With the intention of blending the imagery of war and peace, I tried to create elements of both in one short track. The steady beat and deep bass may bring a military march to mind, while the smooth, gliding rhythm and bells add the sound of harmony.

"Oppenheimer's Little Toy"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Ben Covington - CA, USA

Equipment: Serge, Cynthia, Modcan, Doepfer modulars, Reactor-Ginsu plug-in, Sony DPSV-77 FX

Massive modular patches, using Serge, Cynthia, and Modcan as sound generators, with Doepfer as CV sources

"G-4266"   -   [click here] (no popup)

david rothbaum - CA, United States


Engine room of the Ziho7 freighter

"Guerra Mondiale"   -   [click here] (no popup)

john morris - RM, Italy

Equipment: Roland Juno 60, Korg Kaos PadIII, Reaktor 5, Wavelab 5, Motu 828 MKII

Played live using the Kaos Pad for samples, FX and noises, Juno 60 and Reaktor 5 for other sounds. Fades, compression, eq added in Wavelab.

"The Crisis"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Jason King - TX, United States

Equipment: Logic 7.1, 303 (Devil Fish), 606, 909, 202, Battery 2, Destroy FX- Scrubby and Transverb, MKS-80, and a Mobius....

"The Crisis" is the meeting point of war and peace.

"dental torture technician"   -   [click here] (no popup)

Tim Cooper - TX, United States

Equipment: 20pc dotcom basic rack system with a couple of MOTM kits and Live happily torturing a myriad of samples I've collected of myself and my animals showing discomfort and distress.

with torture still apperantly being an important process of interrogation used by not only heathen monsters but self-righteous mongoloid 1st world citizens the sound of dentist drills and shrieking violin like sounds underlined with a groaning melody and clicks of bone and enamel poping off teeth started emanating from the pine box (my modular) and the basis for the piece was set, along with various noises I recorded while in the throes of organ-dispair from rotten pulpo tacos I ingested while in Mexico over christmas...

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