Ensuring that beginners can access as much information
about modular synthesizers as possible.




A modular synthesizer is a musical equipment which
is available in both virtual and physical form.




A synthesizer can be referred to as an electronic device which
is capable of producing a vast range of divergent sounds
complete with different consistencies.



Cyndustries is a web portal whose objective is to ensure that beginners can access as much information about modular synthesizers as possible. Today, the world is experiencing a comeback of the modular synthesizer, a musical instrument whose popularity began in the ancient days.

While music production has come of age, many people especially the young generation have for years now embrace digital music production instruments. This is changing rapidly as music producers rush to incorporate analog modular synthesizers in their studios.

Types Of Modular Synthesizers


A modular synthesizer is a musical equipment which is available in both virtual and physical form.

It is also referred to as a modular synth and its name is derived from the fact that it consists of different modules. Modules differ depending on the process undertaken to make way for adjustment of signal parameters. These include; amplifier (amplitude), oscillator, or spectrum. In this case, a different method other than hardwiring is used to link the modules together.

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Types Of Modular Synthesizers


Today, synthesizers have become an integral aspect of every state of the art music production studio. It is, therefore critical for every music production individual to have a clear understanding of how it they operate.

While synthesizers seem like ordinary small electronic pianos, they present a magnitude of sound manipulation and creation options. With these, music producers have an opportunity to revolutionize both productions and recordings.

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"Features Of Cynthia Macintosh"

Electronic digital gadgets can be integrated with analog modular synths to create unique sounds. A good example is the Apple Mac mini. The Cynthia Macintosh is a liquid crystal touch screen controlled video color monitor. It combines with the Mac mini to enable users to move between analog filters and modular oscillators to audio digital plug in effect and back to analog.

"Women In Electronic Music"

For long, women have strived to succeed in electronic music. In fact, many electronic music pioneers are women who include: Suzanne Ciani, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Black Madonna, and Daphne Oram.

"About Synapse"

Synapse is an electronic music American magazine which was published twice every month. It focused on electronic music and covered facts about synthesizers. The publication which began in the year 1976 would seize in the year 1979. During that time, commercial synthesizers were still new and most of them were do it yourself gadgets.

"Factors To Consider"

There are numerous modules available in the market such as Moog, Dotcom, Euro rack, Modcan A, FracRak, and Motm. Individuals who want to choose an addition for their studios should consider various factors. One of the most important aspects of any module is that they should be electrically, aesthetically, and mechanically compatible with a wide range of systems and products from a whole range of manufacturers.

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